Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Review: Oscha Starry Night Wraps

Brand: Oscha

Type: Starry Night Nebula
Blend: 25% wild silk, 75% cotton
Size: 7

Type: Starry Night Shona
Blend: 50% hemp, 50% cotton
Size: 6

Type: Orion Lumina
Blend: 100% cotton
Size: 7

Top to bottom: Nebula, Shona and Orion Lumina

This review follows on from the review I have written previously about the Oscha Starry Night wraps.

Having had a chance to try out these three new wraps, I can say that they are all really beautiful wraps, and all have different qualities. 
Orion Lumina
I have included Orion Lumina here, as although it isn't a Starry Night pattern, it is very similar to a lot of the 100% cotton Starry Nights I have tried. It is medium thickness and is a very textured wrap. It is already softening up beautifully and is very supportive. It takes a bit of practice to pull the passes across in such a textured wrap, but once in place Orion Lumina produces a rock-solid carry. The blue and gold colours are really stunning, and when wrapped, it almost appears to glow like a night sky.

Nebula and Shona are quite different to other Starry Night wraps I have tried. I have always loved Oscha's silk blend wraps, and Nebula is another gem. It feels slightly cushy in hand, and after a wash and iron, is already beautifully soft and has a lovely drape. It is very easy to wrap with, as the silk appears to add 'glide' to this wrap. It is soft and snuggley enough for a tiny baby, but also very comfortable and supportive for my toddler. If anyone has been looking for a Starry Night wrap, these are still available from the Oscha website. Nebula is really pretty, and doesn't particularly require any breaking-in. I would highly recommend this wrap!
Shona is another beauty, in a petrol blue colour, and is Oscha's first hemp release. The wrap arrived feeling quite crispy, but after a wash and steam iron, it has started to break-in. It feels slightly thinner than Nebula, but the hemp content makes the wrap very supportive. The hemp also seems to allow this wrap to glide nicely. Shona is definitely a wrap that requires a good amount of breaking-in, and my wrap still has a little way to go. It is not quite as soft and mouldable as Orion or Nebula, but with a bit more use, I can see its true potential. Shona will definitely be staying here for a very long time, as the colour is gorgeous, and it is a really supportive wrap. 

The Starry Night (and Orion) pattern continues to be one of my favourite wrap designs ever. Its wonderful to see Oscha coming out with new blends in this design, adding a bit of variety. Nebula and Shona are quite different, and yet both wonderful wraps in their own way!


  1. hi mama
    thanks for your awesome reviews <3
    out of all the SN wraps, whicj one would youu say is the thinnest and/or airiest?
    (apologies for the spelling errors -- NAK :P )

    1. Hello! Out of all the SN wraps I've tried, I think Clover is probably the most thin and airy :)

  2. i am a complete newbie to wrapping, have only been researching for a couple of days but just wanted to say thank you for your reviews! they are so super helpful and explained in plain english. will be a regular on your site :)