Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Comparison and Review: Oscha Starry Night wraps

The Oscha Starry Night wraps 
in this comparison are:

Starry Night Clover
40% linen, 60% cotton
Size 7

Starry Night Maya
40% wool, 60% cotton
Size 3

Starry Night Ash
100% cotton
Size 5

Starry Night
100% cotton
Size 7

Starry Night Vespers
100% cotton
Ring sling and size 7

Starry Night Forget-me-not
100% cotton
Size 2

The Oscha 'Starry Night' pattern is my favourite design on any wrap, ever!  I absolutely love the intricacy of the design, and how beautiful it looks whilst wrapped.  I have been lucky enough to try a variety of the colours and the blends, and although they don't all live here any more, they remain some of my favourites.  I haven't tried a bamboo or silk blend Starry Night yet, so I will have to add to this comparison in the future, as I currently have a Starry Night Nebula with wild silk on preorder, which I can't wait to try!
Even amongst the 100% cotton Starry Nights, there is a variety of different wrapping qualities.  Orchid feels one of the thinnest Starry Nights, whilst the recently arrived Ash feels significantly thicker.  Vespers (my favourite colourway in this design) is a lovely medium thickness, which breaks-in to be amazingly soft, but still thick enough to be supportive.  I have found Orchid to be slightly less supportive with my toddler recently, as it is so thin and floppy, but it has been one of my most-used wraps until my son was about a year old.  Ash also feels significantly more textured and therefore grippier than my other Starry nights (although being fairly new, will also not be fully broken in yet), whilst Vespers has a little bit of texture, which holds the wrap in place, and Orchid is pretty smooth.
I haven't mentioned Maya and Clover yet, as they are different blends.  Clover is an amazing wrap, which arrived with me beautifully broken in, and despite being a thinner, smoother wrap, is amazingly supportive with my toddler.  Maya is in a class of its own.  The colour of Maya is deep and stunning, and (like Nouveau Bramble, reviewed before), you would never know that it contained wool by feeling it.  It is soft, silky and mouldable straight from the bag, and has just a little bit of grip.  It is fairly thin, so would probably be better in a muli-layer carry for a bigger child, although we enjoy our size 3, usually in a Double Hammock Rebozo.
I would recommend that everyone needs at least one Starry Night in their wrap collection - but be warned.....its difficult to stop at just one......

Vespers and Clover

Clover and Maya

Ash and Orchid 


  1. How does SNN with silk compare now you have it?

    1. Thank you for your question! I have to admit that I haven't had chance to thoroughly try out SNN yet. My initial reaction is that it is soft and mouldable, wraps beautifully and is really pretty. It appears to be one of the easier starry nights to wrap with. I'm aiming to do a proper review of a few of the latest starry nights in the next couple of weeks (including Shona, which is a hemp blend) :)