Sunday, 25 May 2014

Review: Baie Slings 'Milk' Ring Sling

Brand: Baie Slings
Type: Milk (tester)
Blend: 75% combed cotton, 25% hemp
Size: Ring Sling

I was particularly excited when this travelling tester ring sling arrived at my door a few days ago, as I have been keen to try out one of Baie Slings' hemp blend wraps for a little while. This tester is a ring sling in the 'Milk' design, which is the same pattern at Magma and Calypso, but in a natural, creamy colour. The pattern appears to be the slightly larger scale version, similar to Calypso, and slightly larger than Magma. As with all the previous Baie Slings, this one arrived feeling soft and ready to try.
The colour isn't easy to capture in a picture, as it appears slightly different in different lights. It goes from a creamy magnolia colour, to sometimes appearing slightly peachy in warm lights. It is subtle and elegant, and would be gorgeous for a special occasion!
The creamy side is smooth with a subtle shine, and the paler side has slightly more texture, plus some of the slubs you typically expect with hemp blend wraps. The wrap adjusts perfectly through the rings, and stays in place well. I found it very supportive with my large 2.5 year old, and we were both very comfortable whilst using it for quite some time.
According to the Baie Slings website, Milk weighs in at 247gsm. In hand, it feels fairly airy, and not particularly thick, but with 75% combed, it still has a lovely amount of cush.
I've not always opted for lighter colours, as I'm always afraid of them getting dirty. However, Milk has really captured my heart. It feels very sturdy, so I certainly wouldn't be afraid of washing it when needed, and I really love this colour with my son's blonde hair. I'm keeping my fingers-crossed that I get lucky in bringing home a Milk ring sling of my own when they are released in the near future. The recent Baie Slings releases have sold out increasingly quickly, so if you're interested in 'Milk', make sure you keep an eye on Baie Slings' website and Facebook page for release details!

Monday, 5 May 2014

Review: Baie Slings Calypso

Brand: Baie Slings
Type: Calypso
Blend: 100% combed cotton
Size: 5

This beautiful blue wrap arrived on my doorstep a few weeks ago now, and has been one of our most used wraps ever since! Another beautiful wrap from Baie Slings, Calypso is the same pattern as previously released Magma, but in a different colourway and larger scale pattern. Although the Trowen pattern has been my favourite from Baie Slings, I couldn't resist the beautiful blue colour of Calypso, so decided to order. I'm so glad I did, as this wrap is really striking in person, and really wonderful to wrap with, and has become one of my very favourite Baie Slings wraps.
The larger scale pattern and slightly smoother feel of Calypso makes it very easy to wrap with, and easy to tighten in a multi-layer carry. The combed cotton gives it a wonderful soft, cushy feel, making it very comfortable when wrapped. It arrived feeling beautifully soft and ready to use. I really love the appearance of the larger scale pattern, and in this striking blue colour combination, it reminds me of water whirlpools. As with all Baie Slings wraps, each hem is stitched in a different direction, meaning there is no 'wrong' side to this wrap. The hems are immaculately stitched with very neat little middle markers. Calypso is supportive with my large toddler, helped by the fact it is easy to wrap with, allowing me to get a better, more supportive wrap job each time. It would also be wonderful with a little baby, as it is so soft and cuddly.
I'm so pleased to see this wonderful, friendly company going from strength to strength, with their latest release selling out super fast! I always look forward to seeing what Baie Slings are doing next!

Comparison: Calypso and Magma