Sunday, 30 June 2013

Tutorial: Robin's Hip Carry

Carry: Robin's Hip Carry
Wrap Used: Natibaby Calypte Plum, size 6
Level of Difficulty: Easy-Moderate

This is one of my favourite carries, as it is a multi-layer hip carry which shows off both sides of the wrap beautifully.  I've used a size 6 wrap here, but it can be done using sizes 4-7, and you simply adjust where you tie it, and it will also vary depending on your size and the size of your child.

1. Start with your child sitting on the hip that you would normally carry them in, and your wrap over the opposite shoulder.  You should start with the middle-marker on your shoulder. I've used a double-sided wrap here, and have started with the 'wrong' side facing up.

2. Swap the hand holding your child, and reach behind you to take hold of the wrap.

3. Bring the wrap around your side and around your child's back.

4. Form a nice, deep seat for your child, by bringing the fabric up between you and your child, and making sure it supports your child from knee-to-knee.

5. Gather up the fabric in your hand, so that your child's weight is completely supported in the seat you have made for them. Make sure the fabric is tightened, particularly on the top rail.

6. Hold the gathered fabric in the hand closest to your child, and use the other hand to pull the wrap tight over your shoulder.

7. Bring the wrap over your shoulder. You want to keep the tension throughout, so that your child remains held securely, and cross the tail coming from over your shoulder UNDER the tail which is gathered in your other hand.

8. Keeping the tension, take the tail which has come from over your shoulder, and flip it back over your shoulder again. The 'right' side should now be facing upwards on your shoulder.

9. Keeping the tension in the tail held next to your child, reach round and take hold of the tail you have just passed back over your shoulder.  Tighten it all along the width of the wrap.

10. Bring both tails tightly round, and under your child's bottom.

11. If you are using a size 4, you will probably have to tie off here.  I prefer to  use a longer wrap, as it allows you to spread the passes and add extra support.

12. If you're using a longer wrap (probably size 5+), cross the tails under your child's botton and take them back under your child's legs, as you would with a basic Front Wrap Cross Carry (FWCC).

13. You can then take the tails around your to back, and you may need to tie off behind you, or if your wrap is long enough, you may prefer to bring it around again and tie in front.

14. You will have two layers of wrap over your shoulder. Adjust the botton layer to make it lay comfortably....

15....and then adjust the top layer, so that the weight is supported comfortably on your shoulder and is not digging into your neck.

16. Spread the cross passes over your child's bottom and back....

17...on both sides.

18. I like to tuck my child's shoulders in, although he sometimes prefers to have an arm or two out. With a much younger baby, you are more likely to want the wrap to come right up to the back of their neck, in order to offer them more support.

19. You're finished!

Let me know if you have any questions!


  1. I'll try this one over the weekend, it seems really comfortable.
    I'm just a beginner with the long wrap and my 11months baby doesn't seem very happy with these experiments, but I hope she'll change her mind

    1. This is a really great, comfortable hip carry :) Joey wasn't happy with all my wrapping experiments for a while, but I used to talk to him lots whilst doing it, and asking him if he could see different things, and he became so distracted that he forgot about the fact I was wrapping him! He still protests sometimes, but is always happy once we're wrapped and off on our adventure. Let me know how you get on! :)

    2. I finally managed today to do this hip carry well.
      Amelia doesn't like to be wrapped very much these days because she's finally learned to walk and she wants to do it all the time she's awake :)
      Anyway, it's like you said: once she was wrapped she was happy to be there and we enjoyed a little stroll together...

    3. Thats great! I'm so pleased you managed to try this carry! :)

  2. Thanks for that, will try it later :) ps what wrap is that its beautiful!

    1. Its such a pretty wrap isn't it! Its a Natibaby Calypte Plum. I love how the two sides are really different. Have fun trying Robin's Hip Carry! :)