Monday, 27 May 2013

Tutorial: Back Wrap Cross Carry with Sweetheart Neckline

Tutorial: Back Wrap Cross Carry with Sweetheart Neckline.
Wrap Used: Oscha Eden Copper Beech, size 7
Level of Difficulty: Easy-Moderate

This back carry is one of the first that I learnt how to do.  It is a great multi-layer back carry for children who like to leg-straighten and risk popping their seat.  It isn't particularly complicated, and just takes a little practice.  I've found a size 7 best for this carry, although petite parents with a smaller child may prefer a slightly shorter wrap.

1. Get your child on your back in your preferred way.  You need the middle marker central on their back.  In the same way as my other tutorials, take hold of the two top rails, pull them tight, and secure them under your chin or between your teeth.  This secures your child, and gives you both of your hands to create a good seat.

2.  To create a good seat, take hold of your bottom rail from underneath your child's legs and pull it down to take the slack out of your wrap.  Make sure you are keeping the top rails secure at this time.

3.  Pull the bottom rail up between you and your child, to create a nice, deep seat, making sure the fabric goes from one knee pit to the other.  You may notice that my son has taken one of his arms out of the wrap.  This is fine with an older child who will happily sit on your back.  However, if your child is younger or not particularly cooperative, I would recommend you keep both your child's arms inside the wrap whilst creating a seat, as you don't actually have your hands on your child at this point.

4.  Keeping the fabric pulled tight on both sides, bring both rails off of your shoulders and under your arms.  Try and keep the wrap as far up your child's back as you can.

5.  Secure one tail whilst you work on the other one.  I am stood on my tail with the opposite foot, but you can also hold it between your knees, or under your chin.  Keeping the tension in both sides, bring the fabric across your chest...

6...toward your opposite armpit.  Try and keep the fabric as tight as possible.

7.  Take this tail under your child's leg (this is quite unusual, as with most carries you take the wrap over your child's leg).

8.  Pass the wrap to the other hand and spread it across your child's back and up towards the back of their neck, bringing it to your opposite shoulder.

9.  Gather the wrap at the shoulder, and work along the width to take any slack out of the wrap.

10.  This is a symmetrical carry, so you are now ready to do the same on the other side.  You need to secure the tail which is now over your shoulder whilst working on the other side.  I find it easiest to secure it under my neck on this occasion.

11. With the tail secured under your neck, pull the other tail tightly across your chest...

12....and under your child's leg.

13.  Pass the wrap to your other hand behind your back and spread the fabric over your child's back and up towards the back of their neck.

14. Bring the wrap over your shoulder and pull the fabric tight.

15. You should now have both tails over your shoulders.

16. Spend a bit of time carefully making sure the slack is taken out of the wrap, and it is as secure as you can get it.

17.  Finish the carry by taking the tails around to the back....

18....and tie them under your child's bottom.  If your wrap is long enough, you may be able to take the tails under your child's legs and tie at the front if you prefer.

19.  Adjust the shoulders to make them comfortable.

 Thank you for looking!


  1. Thanks for sharing! My daugther really likes to leg-straighten and she pops out the seat every time... now I'll need a size 6 wrap or longer, actually I'm using a size 4 for rucksack carry but it does not work fo this carry. Thanks a lot :)


  2. wow! can't wait to give this a go, you make it look really easy.