Sunday, 29 September 2013

Review: Bebe Sachi Khadi Twilight

Brand: Bebe Sachi
Type: Khadi Twilight
Blend: 100% cotton (handspun cotton)
Size: 4

Having been lucky enough to own a beautiful Khadi ring sling since last July, I am delighted that I have been given the opportunity to own an amazing Khadi Twilight wrap. This stunning wrap is handwoven in Bangladesh using handspun cotton, with Bebe Sachi offering highly skilled handweavers the opportunity to earn a decent wage, and support their families, whilst remaining in their village homes. Bebe Sachi is a company I have had deep respect for since I learned more about them at the Babywearing Conference last July, and I am delighted to be working on a small project with them at the moment (hence my good fortune in owning Twilight).
Khadi wraps are unique. Twilight is quite textured, with an irregular finish (due to the handspun cotton), and has just the perfect amount of stretch. It is thick, but so soft that it wraps easily, and pulls perfectly into place without effort. The thickness offers an amazing amount of cush, and I can honestly say that this is the most comfortable wrap that I have ever tried. I am not generally a fan of the 'ruck' carry, as I always find it pulls on my shoulders, but Twilight is amazingly comfortable even in a simple ruck.
Twilight's colours are really classy, and easy to wear, and I love the white top rail making it easy to identify which rail is which when wrapping with it. Its definitely a wrap for all occasions!
Twilight has become an instant favourite. I have honestly never tried another wrap like it! It is a wrap full of character, and due to the nature of the handspun cotton, each one is unique. It is so special that I will treasure this wrap until the end of my babywearing days, and then hope to keep it for future generations to be wrapped in.

Weekend babywearing

I hope you're all having a lovely weekend. I thought I'd share a couple more pictures of the beautiful Baie Slings ring sling that I reviewed yesterday. I took it with me for a walk in the woods today, and it carried my little boy when his legs got tired. I hope you all got chance to wear your little ones this weekend!

Saturday, 28 September 2013

Review: Baie Slings Trowen

Brand: Baie Slings
Type: Trowen (emerald and ecru)
Blend: 100% combed cotton
Size: Ring sling

Baie Slings is a brand new family-run company, here in the UK. I was intrigued by the 'Trowen' pattern as soon as I saw it, as I've always loved Celtic knot style designs. When their preorder opened a few days ago I couldn't resist ordering a ring sling to see what Baie Slings had to offer.
From the moment I opened the package I have been totally impressed! The sling came in its own little fabric pouch, and feels buttery soft straightaway. It is so soft and mouldable, and yet offers a great deal of cush and comfort on the shoulders. It adjusts beautifully and pulls easily through the rings. The design is really classy, and the emerald colour is really pretty. I love the design, and adore how the wrap has definite edges within the design. The seams have been sewn perfectly and the whole sling is top quality.
I can see this ring sling getting a lot of use by us! It has such a luxury, quality feel to it, and is so soft and comfortable aswell. The pattern and colour is very classy, but not so much that it would put you off using it for a walk in the woods for example. I have to congratulate Baie Slings on their first release. The sling arrived within a couple of days and is perfect. I can't wait to see what they come up with next!

Emerging from it's fabric pouch

Sunday, 22 September 2013

Busy Weekend!

I hope you've all had a lovely weekend!


I've had a very busy day today working on a lovely project with Bebe Sachi. It has involved taking a lot of pictures (and I still have more to take!), and have thoroughly enjoyed myself! Here are a few sneak peek pictures, and I'll share more about the project soon, plus wrap reviews.

I'm off to a 'Sling & Swing' class tomorrow, which is a new local exercise class, where your dance partner is your child in a sling! I love dancing, and can't wait to try it out! I really hope Joey and I will enjoy it!

Friday, 20 September 2013

Review: Natibaby Milky Way Pink Nova

Brand: Natibaby
Type: Milky Way Pink Nova
Blend: 100% cotton
Size: Ring sling (original Natibaby, size Medium)

I really love my Violet Dreams Milky Way wrap, so when I saw this new 'Pink Nova' colourway, I couldn't resist getting a ring sling. It is such a beautiful colourway, and I can't decide which is my favourite side! Luckily with a ring sling both sides are always on show! The cotton blend is beautifully soft and supportive, and the ring sling is very comfortable, although for a 'medium' size it is very long! I really love the Milky Way pattern, as the stars are so delicate, and it looks so beautiful when in use. The pink side has a beautiful shimmer to it, and blue side is very smooth and pulls through the rings perfectly. 
Another beautiful design and colourway from Natibaby!

Review: Artipoppe Argus Cappuccino

Brand: Artipoppe
Type: Argus Cappuccino
Blend: 60% Egyptian Cotton, 40% linen
Size: Ring sling (made by Ocah)

I received this beautiful ring sling earlier this week in a trade with two lovely ladies. I was so excited to finally get the opportunity to try an Artipoppe Argus wrap, as I didn't have any luck back when they were first released.
This is the first linen blend Artipoppe I have tried, and it definitely has a different feel compared to my Two Birds wraps. It is slightly thinner, but feels just as luxurious and beautifully soft. It is incredibly supportive, and I find it very comfortable as a ring sling. Cappuccino is a fairly smooth wrap, and pulls through the rings easily. The subtle colour is really sophisticated, and it would make a lovely 'special occasion' wrap. However, it is too beautiful to put away for a special event, and I will be using this day-to-day. 
Once again Artipoppe prove that they truly warrant the excitement and enthusiasm surrounding their wraps. I am so thrilled that I have had the opportunity to own and use this beautiful ring sling.

Monday, 16 September 2013

Bebe Sachi Poster Competition

I recently entered a little competition on Bebe Sachi's Facebook page, where they wanted people to produce a poster featuring one of their wraps or slings. As you may recall, I am very lucky to have a beautiful Bebe Sachi prototype Khadi ring sling, so I set to work coming up with a little poster.
We took lots of pictures for me to choose from and it then took me a little while to come up with just the right phrase. I then had a bit of fun editing it, and this is what I came up with. 
I am so excited, as I just found out today that my poster has been chosen as the winner, and a beautiful Bebe Sachi Zen wrap will be on its way to me as my prize! I am so thrilled to have won, and can't wait to try out my beautiful prize!

Sunday, 15 September 2013

Review: Pavo Textiles Etini Magnolia

Brand: Pavo Textiles
Type: Etini Magnolia
Blend: 100% cotton
Size: 7
 Having missed the original release of Pavo's Etini Magnolia, I was thrilled when I was lucky to be in the right place at the right time when they added a couple of leftovers onto their website.  I've waited impatiently for it to arrive from the USA, and as with my other two Pavo wraps, I've been completely delighted with it, when its eventually arrived!
On first opening, the first thing to strike me was the weight of the fabric. Granted I haven't had a size 7 Pavo before, but this felt very heavy for such a soft wrap! I was also delighted to see what once again photographs just couldn't do this beauty justice! I put it through a hot wash straightaway as instructed and gave it a good steam iron when almost dry.
The texture of this wrap is really difficult to describe. Despite the fact that it is just as heavyweight as Syzygy and Sylvan, the fabric itself feels fluffier and more textured, and it feels like you're wrapping with a bit fluffy cloud! The pattern is a lot more visible in person, and is really pretty. Once again Etini has the amazing Pavo stretch, which means it wraps as securely as a bandage, but is so soft and cushy aswell. It is incredibly soft and comfortable with my big toddler, and I could easily carry him (even on my front) for some time without particularly feeling his weight on my shoulders.
Once again Pavo Textiles have worked their magic on another design. Their wraps continue to be unique and beautiful. I can't wait to see what they produce next!

From top: Pavo Penumbra Syzygy, Pavo Parterre Sylvan and Pavo Etini Magnolia.

Review: Girasol Gothic Rainbow

Brand: Girasol
Type: Gothic Rainbow
Blend: 100% cotton in twill weave
Size: Ring sling.

I have tried a few Girasol wraps during my babywearing journey, and I used them a lot when Joey was younger (and smaller!). As he has grown, my Girasol wraps seem to have all gradually moved on to other people as I have looked for thicker, slightly more supportive blends to support my son's ever increasing weight and height.
However, when I saw this Gothic rainbow ring sling available last week, I couldn't resist trying a Girasol again. I use ring slings regularly these days, as Joey likes to walk quite a lot, and ring slings are great for quick ups and downs. Gothic Rainbow has a black weft, which I feel adds such a depth to the colours in this wrap. It is such a beautiful, striking rainbow.
I was slightly nervous about how comfortable this ring sling would be, as Girasol wraps are generally slightly thinner than some of my current favourite wraps, but I have so far been very pleasantly surprised. Joey is now 21 months old, and is extremely tall at the average size of a 34 month old, so whilst I wouldn't carry Joey in this ring sling for a considerable length of time, it is very comfortable for carrying him for shorter times. 
Girasol produce wraps in a twill weave (like this one), and also a diamond weave. I've had a lot of Girasol's diamond weave wraps in the past, and found them really soft and mouldable, but in my opinion this twill weave seems slightly more supportive compared to the diamond weaves I have tried in the past (I'd love to hear other people's opinions on this!). Girasol wraps are perfect for a beginner babywearer, as they are beautifully soft and mouldable, and wrap so easily. This one pulls beautifully through the rings on my ring sling, and is very easy to adjust and get comfortable. However, they are also stunning wraps, which are beautifully made, and are very affordable, making them perfect for every babywearer. Everyone needs a Girasol wrap in their collection, and I'm delighted with Gothic Rainbow to have finally found 'the one' for me!

Monday, 9 September 2013

Review: Oscha Starry Night Marina

Brand: Oscha
Stype: Starry Night Marina
Blend: 46% lambswool, 52% cotton
Size: 2
I was very, very lucky to catch one of these beautiful Starry Night wraps from Oscha's boutique range last week. There are only 15 of these wraps, so I count myself very lucky to have one!
Once again Oscha have produced a Starry Night wrap in a different blend, and once again it brings many different wrapping qualities. When I first opened it, I was thrilled to see the stunning colour is very different to my other Starry Night wraps. The wrap itself feels slightly thicker in hand compared to other Starry Nights, and is totally different to SN Maya (another woolly Starry Night). Before washing, it has that slight 'itchy' feeling that you often get with lambswool, but after a careful wash, cool iron and a bit of use, it is already loosing the 'itch'! It arrived beautiful soft, and amazingly cushy. It isn't as thick as Strato Aequus, which also contains lambswool, but it definitely has a similar feel. I don't often carry using a Ruck, and very rarely with a size 2, as I find it pulls too much on my shoulders, but this wrap honestly had enough cush to keep a basic Ruck comfortable for a while.
I am totally impressed with this wrap, and look forward to the cooler weather so that we can get more use out of it!

I have been asked about a variety of colour comparisons between Marina and other wraps, so I've included those pictures here.

From top: SN Marina, SN Maya, SN Shona, Nouveau Tiree

SN Marina and Nouveau Tiree

SN Marina (left) and SN Shona

Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Review: Oscha Starry Night Wraps

Brand: Oscha

Type: Starry Night Nebula
Blend: 25% wild silk, 75% cotton
Size: 7

Type: Starry Night Shona
Blend: 50% hemp, 50% cotton
Size: 6

Type: Orion Lumina
Blend: 100% cotton
Size: 7

Top to bottom: Nebula, Shona and Orion Lumina

This review follows on from the review I have written previously about the Oscha Starry Night wraps.

Having had a chance to try out these three new wraps, I can say that they are all really beautiful wraps, and all have different qualities. 
Orion Lumina
I have included Orion Lumina here, as although it isn't a Starry Night pattern, it is very similar to a lot of the 100% cotton Starry Nights I have tried. It is medium thickness and is a very textured wrap. It is already softening up beautifully and is very supportive. It takes a bit of practice to pull the passes across in such a textured wrap, but once in place Orion Lumina produces a rock-solid carry. The blue and gold colours are really stunning, and when wrapped, it almost appears to glow like a night sky.

Nebula and Shona are quite different to other Starry Night wraps I have tried. I have always loved Oscha's silk blend wraps, and Nebula is another gem. It feels slightly cushy in hand, and after a wash and iron, is already beautifully soft and has a lovely drape. It is very easy to wrap with, as the silk appears to add 'glide' to this wrap. It is soft and snuggley enough for a tiny baby, but also very comfortable and supportive for my toddler. If anyone has been looking for a Starry Night wrap, these are still available from the Oscha website. Nebula is really pretty, and doesn't particularly require any breaking-in. I would highly recommend this wrap!
Shona is another beauty, in a petrol blue colour, and is Oscha's first hemp release. The wrap arrived feeling quite crispy, but after a wash and steam iron, it has started to break-in. It feels slightly thinner than Nebula, but the hemp content makes the wrap very supportive. The hemp also seems to allow this wrap to glide nicely. Shona is definitely a wrap that requires a good amount of breaking-in, and my wrap still has a little way to go. It is not quite as soft and mouldable as Orion or Nebula, but with a bit more use, I can see its true potential. Shona will definitely be staying here for a very long time, as the colour is gorgeous, and it is a really supportive wrap. 

The Starry Night (and Orion) pattern continues to be one of my favourite wrap designs ever. Its wonderful to see Oscha coming out with new blends in this design, adding a bit of variety. Nebula and Shona are quite different, and yet both wonderful wraps in their own way!

Monday, 2 September 2013

Review: Firespiral Silver Twilight Gossamer

Brand: Firespiral
Type: Silver Twilight Gossamer
Blend: 50% cotton, 50% linen
Size: 7

The last of my Firespiral preorder wraps arrived late last week, and it is just as beautiful as my other Firespiral wraps. The pattern is really striking, and looks particularly pretty when wrapped. The linen has a lovely shine to it, and the wrap has a lovely texture to it.  My Gossamer has a different type of linen compared to the majority of the Gossamer wraps (due to a small error during the cutting process) and to me, that makes my wrap even more special. As with my other Firespirals, Gossamer wraps like a dream, and is so mouldable and supportive. There is a lot of lovely texture to the spiderweb pattern, but it still manages to glide into place perfectly. Gossamer feels like a slightly thicker wrap compared to my Starmap and Seafoam, although I wouldn't describe it as an overly thick wrap. It has the perfect amount of cush, and is very comfortable to wear.
I am so impressed with my Firespiral wraps, and am already looking forward to seeing what Firespiral has in store for us next! Their designs are innovative, unique, clever and always look amazing when wrapped.  The wraps are soft and mouldable enough to carry a newborn baby, but are supportive and cushy enough to hold my large toddler perfectly aswell. Well done to Firespiral for their first, very successful, preorder!