Thursday, 12 December 2013

Review: Baie Slings Magma Ebony/Crimson

Brand: Baie Slings
Type: Magma Ebony/Crimson (tester wrap)
Blend: 100% combed cotton
Size: 4

I am really delighted to have had the opportunity to try out Baie Sling's beautiful Magma tester wrap. I have very quickly become a fan of this relatively new company, and have really fallen for the softness and cush that their combed cotton Trowen wraps have in abundance. Before it arrived, I understood that Magma was woven in a slightly different way to the Trowen wraps, and had a slightly tighter weave. I was intrigued to find out how the tighter weave would affect the wrapping qualities of Baie Sling's newest wrap.
On opening the package, I was thrilled to find that Magma had Baie Sling's characteristic blankety softness, and yet the tighter weave gives this wrap a slightly denser feel. Magma is a slightly thicker wrap, but due to its immediate softness and drape, this does not make it a challenge to wrap with. It has a lovely amount of diagonal stretch, making it mouldable and the thickness gives it a lovely cush. I feel that the tighter weave gives this wrap a bit of extra support with my heavy toddler, and when wrapped in place, it held Joey's weight perfectly.
The colour and design are beautiful. The red is a deep earthy red, and the black feels like a very warm black when combined with the crimson colour. The rails are each neatly hemmed in a different direction, meaning that there is no wrong side, and I have to agree that I really couldn't decide which side I loved best! The pattern flows across the wrap in this bold yet detailed pattern, and I really loved the look of the spirals when wrapped. Magma really is the perfect name for this design!
Magma has a fair amount of grip, meaning it doesn't just slide into place, but it also didn't feel particularly difficult to pull across either, and when in place it stayed put amazingly well even with my very wriggly toddler.
Overall, I have really enjoyed this wrap on the few days I've had to play with it. I love the feel of the Trowen wraps so much, that I wasn't sure what I would make of the tighter weave, but I can honestly say that it slightly improves the support offered when carrying a heavier child, without compromising on the softness and cush that I love. This wrap would be lovely with a newborn baby and yet it would also last you right through to toddlerhood. I'm really impressed with Magma, and will be saving my Christmas money ready to bring home my own Magma wrap when they are released in the new year.

Magma with the Trowens

Colour comparison (top to bottom):
Magma Ebony/Crimson
Nouveau Ember
Eden Copper Beech
Roses Aphrodite
Firespirals Pomegranate Spirals
Eden Caprica

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