Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Review: Little Fellows Jolly Good Expecto Patronum

Brand: Little Fellows
Type: Jolly Good (machine woven)
Colourway: Expecto Patronum
Blend: 100% cotton
Size: 5 metres

Having already been lucky enough to have a few of Little Fellows' handwoven wraps in my collection, I was intrigued when I heard that Lisa was planning to start a range of machine wovens. These machine woven wraps, known as the 'Jolly Good' wraps, are woven in a plain weave, and have so far been released in a couple of different colourways. As a Harry Potter fan, I couldn't resist bringing home 'Expecto Patronum'.
My first impression on arrival was it was lovely and soft and had a gorgeous drape. It felt slightly slippery in hand, and the weave felt fairly lose. After its first wash, the weave tightened slightly, it lost a little of its slip, and I was left with a beautifully soft and mouldable wrap, with a lovely amount of glide. The wrap is easy to use, and is particularly easy to tighten, especially when pulling a second pass across in a Double Hammock. It supports the weight of my 9 month old well, with enough mouldability on the shoulders to stop it digging in, but without sagging under her weight. I've used this wrap extensively over the last few weeks, and I'm really impressed! The beautiful deep shimmery colour, which fades seamlessly from a petrol blue to a silvery grey along the length is simple and classy. The wrap feels light and easy to handle, and on the odd occasion I've noticed it slightly loosing its 'bounce', I've given the wrap a quick wash, and the weave has tightened up nicely again. It proved it could handle larger weights when we were out last week and my large 4 and half year old son became distressed, so my husband wrapped him in a simple ruck with Expecto Patronum. It held his weight well, and both my son and husband were comfortable whilst they navigated a steep hill. My son stayed high and tight on my husband's back even in the single layer carry.
To follow the handwoven lines, these wraps come with blunt ends, and are sold in half metre sizes. Since Expecto Patronum was released, Lisa has also released 'Rainbow Mizzle', a beautiful soft pastel rainbow, and the release of 'The Chalk' is expected any time now. 

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