Sunday, 2 March 2014

Review: Baie Slings Wild Red Roses

Brand: Baie Slings
Type: Wild Red Roses
Blend: 100% Combed Cotton
Size: 6

As those of you who have read my blog recently will probably know, Baie Slings has become one of my very favourite wrap companies. Their wraps have everything I love in a woven wrap: beautiful patterns, slightly thicker than average, cushy, blankety soft, and a pleasure to wrap with. I made myself resist the previous release of Wild Roses (in ebony & ecru), hoping for a more colourful release of the pattern in the future, so when I saw this beautiful red and cream version, I couldn't resist! I also saw it being nicknamed 'War of the Roses', which was even more meaningful, as one of the the key battles in the War of the Roses was fought in the field outside of my childhood home!
As Baie Slings were aiming for wraps to arrive in time for Valentine's Day, these wraps were not pre-washed like usual, so it went straight in the wash on arrival, so that it would be dry and ready to wear the next day. 
Wild Roses has the amazing blankety softness we've come to know and love from Baie Slings, requiring no breaking-in at all. The rails are again hemmed in opposite directions, meaning there is no 'right' or 'wrong' side. I found Wild Roses particularly easy to wrap with, even more so than Baie's Trowen wraps, as the cream side has a lot of glide to it, meaning that passes pull across very easily. A double hammock took no effort, and held my toddlers weight really nicely when in place. It feels slightly thinner in hand that my teal/ebony Trowen wrap, despite being the same weight , probably due to the less-busy pattern, but it still offers a perfect amount of cush. Due to its softness, this wrap would be just as lovely with a newborn baby as it is with my toddler. Another beautiful wrap from Baie Slings!

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