Monday, 3 March 2014

Review: Woven Wings Light Feathers

Brand: Woven Wngs
Type: Light Feathers
Blend: 73% cotton, 27% wool.
Size: 2

I pre-ordered this beautiful wrap back in October, during Woven Wing's first ever release (which sold out in less than 24 hours), before I had even had the chance to try out the tester wrap that travelled my way (reviewed here). This is one of two designs released so far, and it arrived safely back in January (well within the predicted time frame for the preorder).
Light feathers is such a pretty wrap. It has a lovely delicate, detailed pattern, and is the colour of a Blue Spruce tree (one of our favourite plants!). It arrived in perfect condition, with neatly stitched hems, and feeling beautifully soft, not needing any breaking-in at all! The merino wool doesn't make this wrap feel itchy, but does add a lovely blankety feel. Its not a particularly thick wrap, and has a fairly tight weave. 
On first appearance the wrap seemed narrower than any of my other wraps, and measuring at 61cm, it is probably the narrowest wrap I have at the moment. However, as you can see in my photographs, this has not prevented me from getting a lovely deep seat, and still having the wrap all the way up my son's back. Light Feathers has a lovely amount of diagonal stretch, which seems to help create a lovely seat, meaning the narrower width is far less noticeable than you would expect when wrapping with it. The wrap is also quite a short size 2 (currently measuring 2.63m, soft tape in hand), but I can still comfortably tie a ruck tied at the shoulder. However, if you are someone who likes longer tails to tie with, you may want to order a size longer than you would normally choose. 
I am really enjoying using this gorgeous wrap. It has a very luxurious feel and finish, and supports my toddler's weight beautifully. It makes a very supportive one shouldered rebozo carry, and a slip-knot adjusts easily. The middle markers are lovely and neat and it arrived in a very sophisticated black cloth bag.
I am really intrigued to see what Woven Wings will be doing next! I can't wait to see more blends and patterns, and I am sure that Light Feather won't be the only Woven Wings wrap to become part of my collection. Congratulations to Woven Wings on a very successful first release!

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