Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Review: Weave Me a Sheep Avalon

Brand: Weave Me a Sheep
Type: Avalon
Blend: 100% organic cotton
Size: 3.8m
 This beautiful handwoven wrap is visiting us for a week or so. It is woven by a newcomer to the handwoven wrap scene, my lovely friend Helen from Weave Me Sheep. This is one of her first woven wraps, and was created for a competition in a Facebook group. The design takes inspiration from Glastonbury Tor.
I was really intrigued to try this wrap, and was very excited when a friend passed it onto me at a sling meet last week. The first thing that struck me was that this didn't look like the work of a novice. It is beautifully woven, and I'm really impressed with how perfect it is! The the edges are amazingly straight, and I haven't spotted any flaws in the weave. In hand, Avalon is soft and floppy, with some stretch to it. 
I've played with it quite extensively over the last few days and have tried front, back and hip carries, in both single and double layers. Overall, I prefer it in a double layer carry with my huge 2 year old, but it would definitely be supportive enough in a single-layer with a smaller child. I've found it easy to wrap with, and easy to pull the passes across. I have a personal preference for hemmed edges on a handwoven, as I find it easier to tighten the top rail when I have a hemmed edge to pull across. Avalon is un-hemmed and I always seemed to have a little slack in the top rail (and Joey managed to pop the seat once due to the stretchiness of the bottom rail). However, I know others prefer the edges un-hemmed on a handwoven, so this is really personal preference. 
I really adore the colours, and the overall look of the design. I have to admit that I will genuinely feel really sad about sending it on. I hope the next person enjoys it as much as we have! I can confidently say that Weave Me a Sheep is one to watch!

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