Friday, 25 April 2014

Review: Diva Milano Essenza (tester)

Brand: Diva Milano
Type: Essenza Lilla
Size: 6
Blend: 100% cotton

This beautiful tester wrap is currently travelling around the country, and I was delighted that it was able to stay with me for a couple of weeks. I've never tried a Diva Milano wrap before, so had no prior expectations for this wrap.
My immediate reaction on first seeing the wrap was that is was a very classy pattern and really pretty colour. On first holding the wrap, I was surprised at how robust it felt, especially for 100% cotton. The sophisticated appearance of the wrap made me think that it would be light and delicate to touch, but it is actually a very sturdy cotton, feeling medium-thick, and has a texture which actually reminds me of a hemp blend wrap. Despite having been thoroughly tested by a variety of people before me, it still looks in beautiful condition, with no obvious pulls or flaws.
Having already been to about 5 other people before it arrived here, this wrap is now feeling pretty soft and mouldable, although I understand from previous testers that it was quite beastly to begin with. The first carry I tried was a double hammock, and I have to admit that it took me a little longer than usual to pull all the slack across, as the wrap felt quite grippy. However, when I had the wrap securely in place, I was delighted to find that it was incredibly comfortable. It held in place perfectly, and even after a while with my large 2 year old, I was still comfortable and the wrap had not sagged at all.
I tried several other carries, including a FWCC, which was easy to adjust, and was also very comfortable when in place. I don't always find a FWCC comfortable for extended periods now that my son is so big, but the grippiness held this wrap in place beautifully, even as Joey had a nap.
I have to admit to being pleasantly surprised by this wrap. Despite the fact that I had never tried a Diva Milano wrap before, and therefore had no expectations in that way, I think I've always seen the delicate, sophisticated designs on Diva Milano wraps as something I would be nervous about using on an everyday basis, with the worry that the wrap would also be delicate. I have to admit though, that I would happily use this wrap anywhere, as it feels so sturdy I wouldn't worry about pulling it through the mud and having to wash it repeatedly! Now that is is broken in, this would make a wonderful birth to toddler wrap. It is available in a variety of different colour combinations, and is part of Diva Milano's Essenza range, which is their more affordable range of slings.
This lovely wrap will now continue on its travels.

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