Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Review: Baie Slings Filigree Persica

Brand: Baie Slings
Type: Filigree Persica
Blend: 100% combed cotton
Size: 5

After having the genuine pleasure of meeting the lovely family behind Baie Slings last weekend at Sling Dads Camp, I was lucky enough to come away with this beautiful wrap. It is the second Filigree wrap that I have tried, and this one is totally different from the first! 
This beautiful Filigree is a combination of a fresh peachy colour and a very pale pink. They combine to make this beautiful summery wrap.
In comparison to Filigree Limerick (the green Filigree wrap) which is quite a tight weave, and requires a fair amount of breaking in, this peachy coloured Filigree is beautifully soft straight out of the bag and is a delight to wrap with straightaway. Filigree Persica is a looser weave compared to Limerick, and Juliette from Baie Slings compared it to the weave of Element Calypso.
I have used this wrap a lot this week, including a couple of walks in the woods whilst still at Sling Dads Camp and an hour long babywearing dance class! It is easy to tighten and very mouldable, and even after an hour of dancing, Joey and I were still very comfortable. We also didn't feel over-heated, which in the current humid climate, is fantastic! At approx 240gsm, it is thinner than Limerick, but I found it equally supportive, partially due to the fact that it is easy to tighten and wrap accurately. Filigree Persica is fairly textured, and holds in place beautifully.
I have enjoyed all of the Baie Slings that I have been lucky enough to try, but I have to admit, I'm particularly enjoying this one :)

Showing the 'pale' side of the wrap.
At a babywearing dance class
(wrap colour not shown quite as accurately).

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