Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Review: Baie Slings Filigree Autumn Leaves

Brand: Baie Slings
Type: Filigree Autumn Leaves
Blend: 100% combed cotton
Size: Ring sling, gathered shoulder.

The weather has suddenly turned colder here in the UK this week, reminding us that autumn has arrived and winter is on its way. I have always loved the rich colours in autumn, and we have a small collection of Japanese Maples in our garden, which at this time of year are vivid shades of red, pink and orange. When I saw the preview of this beautiful Baie Slings wrap, it immediately reminded me of the colours I love in autumn. I couldn't resist adding a ring sling to my collection!
When it arrived, I immediately loved the colours even more than I did in the pictures. The red is a deep red, combined with the orange colour, and a gentle shimmer when it catches the light, giving it an amazing warm glow.
As is usual for Baie Slings, Autumn Leaves arrived feeling soft and cushy, and very sturdy. It is soft and mouldable, and is continuing to soften with use. The Filigree pattern is slightly textured, but this doesn't stop the wrap adjusting through the rings easily. The weave is tight enough to prevent any sag, even with my large almost-3-year-old, and feels very secure. I've found it very comfortable on a couple of lovely autumn strolls, and my son seems happy in it as well.
Comparing it to a couple of Baie Slings' previous Filigree releases, it feels slightly sturdier than Persica, but more mouldable than Limerick. It works beautifully as a ring sling!
At the time of writing, there are still some Autumn Leaves available on Baie Sling's website, including some of their matching accessories:!shop/cup6

Quick Review: Baie Slings Autumn Leaves Bag
I thought it was worth mentioning the beautiful handmade bag I bought from Baie Slings, also made out of the Autumn Leaves wrap fabric, as I am really impressed with the quality. It is the perfect size for a few baby essentials, without being over-big. It has a zip along the top to keep your belongings safe, and the inside is fully lined. It is very professionally made, and I wouldn't hesitate to order a bag again. It is very practical and sturdy at the same time as being really beautiful.

Colour: due to the shimmer on this wrap, I have struggled to get a perfectly accurate picture of the colours. The pictures on Baie Sling's own website are more true to life than my pictures here.

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