Friday, 31 October 2014

Review: Baie Slings Wild Roses Dew Drop

Brand: Baie Slings
Type: Wild Roses Dew Drop
Blend: 80% combed cotton, 20% merino wool
Size: 5

I was delighted to be asked to try out a wrap using Baie Slings' latest new blend, and having been hoping they might come up with a wool blend in time for winter, was excited to learn that this particular wrap is 80% combed cotton and 20% merino wool.
Wild Roses Dew Drop (named after one of the fairies in the Nutcracker) uses the same grad warp as Baie's previous release 'Pumpkin Patch'. The warp blends from a bright burgundy colour to black across the width of the wrap, and the weft is a beautiful periwinkle blue colour. On close examination I can see this is actually created using two different blue/grey colours in the weft, which blend together to create the pretty periwinkle colour, and give the colours added depth. The two different sides almost look like two different wraps, and the grad looks equally good on each side. 
As expected from Baie Slings by now, the wrap arrived feeling extremely soft and mouldable. In fact, when the postman handed over the parcel, I could feel how cushy it was through the packaging! Dew Drop isn't overly thick, and is extremely easy to handle. It has an amazing glide to it, and it easily moulds around you both. Despite not being overly thick (weighing in at 254gsm), Dew Drop has an amazing amount of cush. It uses Baie Sling's plush weave (meaning it is a slightly looser weave), and is totally comfortable and supportive with my tall almost-3-year-old. This wrap really excels in a double hammock, as the passes glide across so easily, making it easy to tighten, and the cush on the shoulders adds to the comfort. Dew Drop has also been 'daddy tested', and during an afternoon stroll, Joey stayed nice and high on my husband's back, and both were happy and comfortable.
Dew Drop has none of the itchy feeling often associated with wool blends - it simply feels soft and snuggly, and would make a lovely snuggly blanket when babywearing days are over. 
Wild Roses Dew Drop will be released in early to mid November, although anyone heading to the Carry On London event this weekend will have the opportunity to give this wrap a test run for themselves!

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