Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Review: Bebe Sachi Khadi Ring Sling

Brand: Bebe Sachi
Type: Handwoven Khadi Tribal Ringsling
Blend: 100% cotton (handspun cotton)

Whilst attending the European Babywearing Conference in Bristol last weekend, I was lucky enough to attend a workshop by Bebe Sachi, where Rita (the lovely lady behind Bebe Sachi) gave a wonderful talk about the background, aims, ethics and skills behind Bebe Sachi. 
Bebe Sachi wraps are handwoven in Bangladesh, by highly skilled handweavers, who's skills have been passed down through generations. Rita explained how these skills are no longer valued, as mechanical weaving has taken over, and these highly skilled men are no longer able to make a living out of handweaving.  By employing these people, Bebe Sachi allows them to remain living in their village, where they can live comfortably growing their own food, and earn a decent wage. During the presentation we viewed photographs and videos of the people at work weaving these wraps, which was amazing! We even saw pictures of all the thread hanging up having been dyed the correct colours ready for weaving! Rita has clearly put her heart and soul into Bebe Sachi, and is obviously emotionally vested in her employees' lives. 
Bebe Sachi produce both their normal handwoven wraps, and their handwoven Khadi wraps. Khadi wraps are made using handspun cotton (which is handspun out in Bangladesh), and involve a more intense, slower process than their standard range, but the finished wrap offers an amazing array of wrapping qualities.  The Khadi wraps are soft straight out of the bag, and have the perfect amount of diagonal stretch.  They are fairly textured, and have a slightly irregular finish due to the irregular nature of the handspun cotton, which I really love. The majority of Khadis so far appear to have been natural colours, but having seen a few sneak previews at the workshop, it looks like there are some beautiful colourful Khadi wraps in the pipeline!
I was very lucky that whilst chatting with Rita I expressed an interest in this beautiful Khadi ringsling, which turned out to be a one-of-a-kind sample ringsling. I feel so honoured that Rita said I would be welcome to give the ringsling a new home at the end of the conference!
I cannot begin to describe how I feel about this ringsling. Having heard so much about it's background, where it was made, and the Fairtrade ethics behind the company, it feels like such a special piece to own. Not only that, it is a completely unique sling, and having looked at the Bebe Sachi Facebook page, it looks as if it has travelled to and been used in many places around the world!
The ringsling itself is a dream to use. It is incredibly comfortable with my large 19 month old and moulds around him beautifully.  It pulls through the rings easily, and is very cushy on my shoulder. I think its pretty clear that I really, really love this ringsling!
Please take a look at the Bebe Sachi Facebook page for more information: www.facebook.com/bebesachi

A sample scrap of Natural Khadi, showing its wonderful texture.

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