Saturday, 13 July 2013

Review: Kokadi Avantgarde Blue Zebra

Brand: Kokadi
Type: Avantgarde Blue Zebra
Blend: 100% cotton
Size: 5

I have to admit that when I first saw this wrap on the Kokadi Facebook site it didn't particularly catch my attention, especially as I've found Kokadi 100% cotton less supportive recently as my son has got bigger.  However, when I visited the European Babywearing Conference last weekend I was randomly allocated a Kokadi Zebra to wear in the fashion show.  Even though I have to wrap Joey very quickly in it, I was pleasantly surprised at how supportive it was, how easily it wrapped, and how great it looked with jeans! It feels a touch thicker than my Kokadi Fantasia, but at 205gr/msq it still isn't a particularly thick wrap, and yet is supportive and cushy, even in a one-shouldered carry.  When I saw that Kokadi were selling a size 5 Zebra on their stall for a special deal of £40 I couldn't resist bringing it home as a wonderful souvenir of the weekend, especially as one of Joey's favourites words is 'zebra'.
The colours of Zebra are beautiful and, as I've said, is a perfect jeans wrap. The two sides are different, with the colours being paler on the 'wrong' side, which appears to be a feature of Kokadi's 'Avantgarde' range. The wrap glides easily into place, and holds its position pretty well. It is very sturdy for a thinner wrap, and is soft and mouldable straight out of the bag. This would be a perfect wrap to learn and practice with as a beginner as it wraps so easily, and yet offers enough comfort and support for a more experienced wrapper aswell.
Showing both sides of the wrap
The fashion show

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