Sunday, 22 June 2014

Little Fellows 'Cloudy with a Chance of Rainbows'

Brand: Little Fellows
Type: Cloudy with a Chance of Rainbows.
Blend: 30% cotton, 20% linen, 50% mercerised cotton.
Size: 5

I was very lucky to win a Little Fellows 'golden ticket' a couple of months ago, meaning I had a stalk-free-pass to purchase an in stock wrap. Little Fellows wraps are woven by a lovely friend just down the road from me in Gloucester. I am already lucky enough to own one Little Fellows wrap, and when I saw the first pictures of the 'Cloudy' wraps, I knew this would be the perfect wrap to fill the rainbow gap in my stash.
Cloudy is stunning! The colours are perfectly balanced and the streaks of grey throughout the design add detail and interest to a classic rainbow pattern. I love how there are several shades of each colour used in each section adding depth to the design. My wrap has half periwinkle weft and half a silvery blue/grey. The change in weft is subtle, and reminds me of the changes in shadows on a cloudy day.
Cloudy is soft and cushy, with the mercerised cotton giving it a very gentle sheen. It already feels blankety soft. It has a nice amount of stretch, but without being saggy. The linen content adds the perfect amount of support without compromising the softness.
This beautiful wrap is a pleasure to wrap with. It glides into place, and has an amazing amount of cush, without being overly thick. It works equally well in a single layer ruck as it does in a multi-layer carry. I used it today in a 'Robin's Hip Carry' for quite some time, and found it perfectly comfortable with my large toddler. Unlike the hemp-blend Little Fellows that I already own (and love), Cloudy doesn't need any breaking in, and would work equally well with a newborn as it does with my toddler.
I'm enjoying this wrap so much! Its such a fun, colourful design, and it obviously appeals to my little boy aswell!

The weft change.

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