Thursday, 19 June 2014

Review: Baie Slings Trowen Green Jasper

Brand: Baie Slings
Type: Trowen Green Jasper
Blend: 79% combed cotton, 21% linen
Size: long size 2 (approx 3 metres)

I was really delighted when I was asked to test and review Trowen Jasper, the latest creation by Baie Slings, which is being released tomorrow. It arrived earlier in the week, and I've spent the last few days trying it out in various different carries.
On first appearance, Jasper is beautiful. It is a deep bottle green, with a soft jade colour, which in some lights gives it the appearance of having a slightly blue haze. In most lights though, it is a deep forest green, and looks equally appealing on both sides.
I knew that this wrap weighed 315gsm, which is quite heavy for a woven wrap, so I was really intrigued about the feel of this wrap. This tester wrap has already had some use, so I was told that it was partially broken in.
On arrival, I was delighted to find that it wasn't as thick as I had expected. The feel of this wrap oozes quality, and it has a lovely drape, despite not yet being fully broken in. It feels strong and sturdy without being too chunky. Rather than reminding me of a cuddly blanket like some of the other Trowen wraps have, Jasper reminds me of the feel of a very soft denim, and has a lovely amount of diagonal stretch. It is quite mouldable, and I'm sure it's mouldability will increase as it continues to break-in.
I don't often use a size 2 wrap, so I took the opportunity to try out a few new carries! The first one I tried was a Shepherd's Carry with ring sling finish. The wrap felt quite grippy when pulling the pass across, but this got easier each time I tried the carry. However, once in place it felt solid, and incredibly supportive. I also tried a simple ruck, and have to say that this wrap was wonderful! It really triumphs in a single layer carry, as it is so supportive, and I would personally prefer it in a single layer carry during the hottest days of summer. Jasper doesn't have quite as much cush on the shoulders as some of the other Trowen wraps, but I certainly didn't find it diggy at all.
I also used Jasper in a Double Hammock Rebozo. I had to pay a little more attention to tightening than usual, due to the slight grippiness, but again, when in place it was a totally supportive carry. I also really enjoyed Jasper in a simple rebozo, and found it very comfortable for quite a long period of time. There is no sag in this wrap, so when in place it is totally supportive. 
This is another beautiful creation from Baie Slings. It has some slightly different characteristics compared to some of their previous wraps, but still retains the overall quality and aesthetics that we have grown to love from Baie Slings. For more details about the release tomorrow, check out Baie Slings website!

(We have found the colour of Jasper quite difficult to 
capture accurately in a photograph. The top two pictures 
below appear most accurate on my computer screen)

Comparison top to bottom: Trowen Jasper, Filigree Limerick, Trowen Ebony/Teal. To the side: Trowen Emerald/Ecru. (The colours in this picture appear very accurate on my computer screen).

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