Thursday, 21 November 2013

A bit of background information: Bebe Sachi Khadi

 I've been asked a few times about my beautiful Bebe Sachi Khadi wraps, and what 'khadi' actually means. I always tried my best to explain, but the lovely Rita from Bebe Sachi has provided this really interesting article to give everyone all the background information on their Khadi wraps. I really love the fact that these wraps have such a wonderful story behind them - it makes them even more special to me.
If you would like the opportunity to own a beautiful size 6 Twight Khadi wrap, there are two auctions that have just gone live, being run by Bebe Sachi themsleves which help to raise funds for their very worthwhile project. Good luck to those who decide to place a bid! Twilight Khadi is one of my favourite, most special wraps.

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