Sunday, 3 November 2013

Review: Pavo Textiles Granite Zebra

Brand: Pavo Textiles
Type: Granite Zebra
Blend: 100% cotton
Size: 5

After hearing so many rave reviews about the previously released Pavo Zebra wraps, I couldn't resist trying one for myself when the opportunity arose. After paying the customs bill (my first out of five Pavo wraps to get caught, so I can't complain really!), I gave the wrap its initial hot wash and steam iron and eagerly tried it out!
This wrap is very different to the other Pavo wraps I've tried. Its really soft, mouldable and easy to wrap with, without having to break it in. It feels slightly thinner than the other Pavo wraps, but is just as densely woven, and has a wonderful drape. It is definitely less grippy than any of the other Pavo wraps, meaning it glides into place in a multi-pass carry easily (rather than the arm-workout you sometimes get with Pavo wraps), and despite its smooth texture it still appears to hold in place perfectly. It is very supportive and comfortable on the shoulders despite having a little less cush compared to the Etini wraps. The colours are really classy and it has an amazing shimmer to it. It would be a wonderful wrap for a special occasion!
This is a beautiful, comfortable, easy-to-use, supportive wrap and is as perfect for newborns as it is for toddlers. Its amazing how such a dense weave can feel so blankety-soft, and I can see why its become one of Pavo's more popular designs. 

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