Saturday, 16 November 2013

Review: Firespiral Pomegrantate Twilight Fractal Spirals

Brand: Firespiral
Type: Pomegranate Twilight Fractal Spirals
Blend: 100% Combed Cotton
Size: 3

I really adore my other Firespiral wraps, and have always loved the Fractal Spirals pattern which was used in Firespiral's original tester wraps, so when these beautiful pink spirals were released last week, I couldn't resist snapping one up!
It arrived quickly, and as usual for Firespiral was amazingly soft straightaway. The colour is beautiful, but really difficult to photograph. It is on the redder side of pink, but it is definitely pink rather than red. It is really striking when teamed with the navy blue Twilight colour. After a quick wash I couldn't wait to try it out.
Pomegranate is totally soft, mouldable and cushy, and doesn't really require any breaking-in. It is easy to wrap with, and very comfortable. It has quite a lot of stretch to it, which makes it extra-mouldable, but may also make it better in a multi-layer carry when using it with an older/heavier child for an extended period of time. However the lovely cush means this wrap is comfortable on my shoulders even in a simple ruck with Joey for a shorter time.
Another beautiful wrap from Firespiral. If I wasn't having to save my pennies for Christmas I would be snapping up one of their wool blend Fractal Spirals aswell!

Colour comparison top to bottom:
Nouveau Ember, FHI, Roses Danna, Ellevill Jade Lady, Etini Fuchsia, Pavo Syzygy.

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