Sunday, 3 November 2013

Review: Pavo Texiles Etini Fuschia

Brand: Pavo Textiles
Type: Etini Fuchsia
Blend: 100% cotton
Size: 5

When I first saw the sneak picture of this beautiful wrap a little while ago, I knew this one was the Pavo wrap for me, as the combination of the intricate pattern plus the strong pink colour is my idea of perfection! I was so delighted to be lucky when they were released, and even luckier that it got through customs without charges!
This wrap is everything I had hoped for plus more! It's beauty has to be seen in person to be believed. The pink colour is vibrant, and combined with the ivory colour, is really striking. This higher contrast colour combination really shows off the amazing Etini pattern to its best.
After its first hot wash and steam iron Fuchsia needed more breaking in than Magnolia Etini, which is often the way with coloured versus natural wraps. After a bit of braiding and pulling through sling rings, Fuchsia has softened up quickly, although I'm sure its going to become even softer and more mouldable with use.  The Etini pattern is fairly textured, meaning it needs to be pulled quite firmly into multi-pass carries, but it then stays in place perfectly, and the textured pattern gives this wrap amazing cush. It is really comfortable to use, and I'm sure as it continues to soften it will feel like less of an arm-workout to get the passes into place! Fuchsia is quite a heavy weight wrap, but doesn't feel as dense at some of the other Pavo designs. 
This is definitely my favourite Pavo wrap so far!

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