Sunday, 17 November 2013

Review: Oscha Okinami Sia Ring Sling

Brand: Oscha
Type: Okinami Sia
Blend: 25% wild silk, 75% cotton
Size: Size 2 converted into a gathered-shoulder ring sling by me.
I missed the original release of Okinami Sia, and when I saw new owners' action pictures I really admired the beautiful shade of turquoise used in this colourway. A couple of extra wraps were released on the Oscha website on Friday, and I was lucky to get a size 2, which I decided to convert into a ring sling (leaving me with a lovely scrap to use for a craft project aswell).
The Okinami pattern is such a detailed, sophisticated design, and it suits the Sia colourway perfectly. The silk adds a lovely glide to this medium-weight wrap, which I'm finding really comfortable even in a one-shouldered ring sling with a toddler. 
Sia was easy to convert into a gathered-shoulder ring sling , as it has a lovely drape to it, which gathered easily and neatly. It pulls through the rings smoothly, making it easy to adjust. It is already pretty soft after a gentle wash and iron, and I can already feel it getting softer with a little bit of use. This wrap would be great for carrying a newborn, right up to toddlerhood. I'm really thrilled with it!
Colour comparison top to bottom:
SN Maya, Nouveau Tiree, SN Marina, Roses Scarista, W&W Jade Storm, Baie Slings Trowen, GHI and Okinami Skye.


  1. oh wow, thanks for the color comparison!

    really the teal looks so differently on every photo I see. Is the silk off-white, beige, white?

    1. The teal colours seems to change depending on the light! The silk seems like white to me when you look very close -up. It appears slightly beige from further away as it combines with the teal colour. Its really pretty :)