Sunday, 23 June 2013

Review: Artipoppe Two Birds Akka

Brand: Artipoppe
Type: Two Birds Akka
Blend: 48% Egyptian Cotton, 52% Merino
Size: 5

I have adored the look of Artipoppe's designs since I first saw them, but never thought I would have chance to own one, as my internet speed at home is just too slow to compete with the huge number of Artipoppe fans who desperately try and get one with each release. It just so happened that last weekend I was in a venue with fast internet speed, where I organise a big charity event each year.  As my sister-in-law had given birth earlier than morning (a very eventful day!), I opened my laptop to check for new baby pictures when I noticed that Artipoppe had hinted at a release.  I immediately went to etsy, where Anna from Artipoppe is currently listing all her available wraps, and managed to buy one straightaway.  I couldn't believe my luck!
I have spent the whole of the last week waiting for Two Birds Akka to fly home, and was so excited when it flew in yesterday.  I was immediately struck by the stunning pattern, which looks even more beautiful in person.  The colour of Akka is very difficult to describe, and in some lights it looks grey, but when the light catches it, it glimmers with a subtle purple colour (the original listing named the colour of the merino in Akka as being 'eggplant').  I couldn't resist having a quick wrap with it, but then put it straight in the wash as the instructions state.
Once dry and ironed, it feels dramatically different to when it arrived!  It is now so cushy and soft, and it feels like the texture of the pattern has fluffed up slightly.  It is completely amazing to wrap with - it simply glides into place, and is so soft and cushy around my shoulders and around my son, and yet supports my heavy 18 month old amazingly well. It is labelled as a medium-heavyweight wrap, but doesn't appear to require much breaking in, as it is already so soft and mouldable.  I honestly cannot sing its praises enough!  I can't wait to have more time to play with this wrap, and look forward to trying it over a longer period of time, as it is just so comfortable.  In the meantime, I'm enjoying sitting and admiring the beautiful Two Birds pattern, based on designs by M.C.Escher (which my husband also loves).
I still can't quite believe this beautiful wrap belongs to me!  I plan for it to stay here for a very long time!

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  1. That is a beautiful wrap and a very snazzy way of tying it!