Monday, 3 June 2013

More coming soon...

I've been a bit quiet on this blog for a couple of days.  I've actually got a couple of reviews I'm working on.  One of them is for a very interesting handwoven wrap, by a new company.  When it first arrived I was so surprised at how different it was to my usual wraps, that I was ready to send it straight back.  However, after a wonderful email from a lady at the company, I have been spending a bit of time playing with it.  It is totally unique, and rather special, but is taking a lot of getting used to!  I'll do a full post about this wrap very soon.

I've also got an amazing wrap on the way, which I've been desperate to try for a long time, and never thought I would own.  I can't wait to tell you about that one aswell!

On top of this, I've just been lucky in the latest Oscha draw, meaning I've got Okinami Skye on the way.  However,  I'll be posting Skye off again almost as soon as it arrives, as I am having it made into a wrap conversion by the amazing Monkey Mei Tai.  I've always thought Okinami would make an amazing wrap conversion, and it is pure luck that my wrap conversion slot has come up (after waiting since last October) in the same week as Okinami is on the way. It was meant to be!

So as you can see, despite a quiet weekend, I have plenty in store for my blog in the coming days and weeks!

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