Sunday, 30 June 2013

Who have you worn this weekend?

We've had a busy weekend, and have had lots of chances to babywear.  This doesn't always happen these days, as Joey is getting better at walking longer distances, and always has a lot of energy to use, so its been quite nice to wear him a few times in the last few days.

Next weekend is going to be very exciting, as we're off to the European Babywearing Conference 2013, in Bristol, which is luckily just down the road from us.  I'm volunteering on the Saturday and will then be free to enjoy the conference on the Sunday - I can't wait!  I'm hoping I'll have lots of pictures to share with you after next weekend!

Here are some of the slings my husband and I have used this weekend......what have you been using? 

Artipoppe Two Birds Akka

Hubby using our Okinami Monkey Mei Tai wrap conversion.

 Uppymama Jennifer

This is my favourite picture from the weekend :)

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