Friday, 31 May 2013

Review: Natibaby Crane Siroku

Brand: Natibaby
Type: Crane Siroku
Blend: 30% hemp, 70% cotton
Size: 6

The appearance of this wrap struck me immediately when I saw a picture of it on Natibaby's Facebook page.  When I realised it was a hemp blend, and most likely toddler-worthy, I decided to place my order.  Crane Siroku is the first in the series of Natibaby's wraps inspired by cultures around the world, this one being inspired by Japan. I love the symbolism behind the crane, and thought I would share Natibaby's explanation:

"Cranes are a symbol of long life as well as good fortune and successful marriage. Japanese legend says it took the crane over 1000 years to fly to the Sun. The crane keeps the same mate for its entire life and that’s why it has become a symbol of longevity, successful marriage, hope and new beginning.
In modern Japan children make tiny origami cranes and link them together to represent world peace. But probably the natural beauty, grace and elegance of the crane combined with its rich symbolism cause it to be used as a motif over the centuries in works of art."

I really love the repeat of the pattern, and the beautiful colour, which appears to be the same purple used in Natibaby's MilkyWay Violet Dreams.  When it arrived, I was slightly alarmed at how stiff and crispy the wrap was.  I put it straight in the wash, and then seam ironed it when almost dry.  I then set to work attempting to tame the beast!  I have braided it many times, and have run it through sling rings a lot, and it is beginning to soften up beautifully.
Although no where near fully broken in, Crane Siroku is already easy to wrap with, and provides a comfortable, rock-sold carry with my 18 month old son.  It glides into place, but also holds its position (more so than most of my other Natibaby wraps), and the hemp provides some cush on my shoulders, although I'm sure as it gets softer, the cush will increase.  It is a lovely, solid wrap, and really easy to use (after a bit of work breaking it in!).  The pattern is really beautiful - I particularly love the 'wrong' side.  I would highly recommend this wrap, and at the time of typing, there are still some available on Natibaby's website.  Just don't be put-off by the feel of it when it first arrives, as it softens up really quickly.  I really love this wrap!


  1. Would you describe this wrap as breathable and summer-worthy?

    1. Thanks for your question! I have to admit that I haven't tried Crane Siroku on a hot day yet, but on a normal warm day, I definitely think this would be breathable enough. Its a a very densely woven wrap (as are all the Natibaby wraps I've tried), so probably wouldn't be great on a really hot day. Some people seem to find Hemp blends quite warm, but I actually find them quite cool and breathable, so would probably use this one on a warm day. Hope that helps! :)