Saturday, 10 August 2013

Review: Pavo Textiles Parterre Sylvan

Brand: Pavo Textiles
Type: Parterre Sylvan
Blend: 100% cotton
Size: 5

There has been such a buzz about the Pavo Textiles Parterre wraps since they were first released a few months ago, with people describing them as totally unique, toddler-worthy and amazing! I was lucky enough to be able to buy Sylvan in the latest release, and awaited its arrival with excitement. After finally slipping through customs, Sylvan arrived safely a couple of days ago. Wow! When I first opened it I have to admit that I was so surprised at how it felt! I am finding it impossible to find something to actually compare it to (it is definitely unique!). It arrived with a very smooth feeling, and although its very heavy weight, it isn't overly thick. The pattern is slightly textured, but no where near as textured as I thought it would be! It has an amazing diagonal stretch, but the weaving it also very dense and tight.
I put my wrap straight in a hot wash as recommended. I'm glad I had read as much as I could about the Parterre wraps before it arrived, as it meant I wasn't shocked to find the wrap completely wrinkled and even more beastly after pulling it from the washing machine! I let it dry for a while and then worked hard steam ironing it flat again, and the transformation was incredible!
This wrap is so smooth, and wraps almost like a tight bandage. It has a wonderful diagonal stretch (which makes it beautifully mouldable), and combined with a very dense weave, produces a truly rock-solid carry. Although I wouldn't describe it as typically fluffy and cushy, it is definitely comfortable on my shoulders, as it seems to mould around them, and then stay in place perfectly.
I am so impressed with this amazing wrap! The fabric is constructed in such a unique way, I have honestly struggled to find a parallel with any other fabric I have come across. The pattern is so pretty, and having wondered if the colour would be a bit pale on us, I actually feel it really suits Joey's blonde hair.
Although I need to do a bit more work on softening up this wrap, I am already really enjoying using it. It is giving my arms a bit of a work out whilst pulling and tightening the different passes, but this is to be expected, as the website clearly describes the Parterre wraps as "a heavyweight fabric...not suitable for infants or inexperienced wrappers", and once in place, Joey felt totally weightless in a Double Hammock. I can't wait to see how this wrap changes and softens with more use, and I think it will be one of the few wraps that will see us through to the very end of our babywearing days, as I'm sure it would hold a much larger child's weight perfectly aswell.

Sylvan immediately after a wash

A beautiful smooth appearance after a steam iron.

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