Friday, 30 August 2013

Review: Warped & Wonderful Jade Strom

Brand: Warped & Wonderful (handwoven)
Type: Jade Storm
Blend: 100% cotton
Size: 2.3m rebozo piece

Another beautiful handwoven arrived at my door this morning. I originally bought this piece from a friend intending to convert it into a ring sling. I've decided to keep it as a rebozo piece, so that when our babywearing days are over I can use it as a beautiful blanket! I can also wear it as a scarf, and then use it to carry Joey if I need to quickly sling him!
I have admired Warped & Wonderful wraps for such a long time, and I've been on her waiting list for some time, but my slot still isn't until May 2014!! 
After such a lot of anticipation to try one of these beautiful wraps for real, I have not been disappointed! This wrap is so soft and snuggley, and is thick enough to be beautifully cushy, without being too thick to knot comfortably. I have read that the different patterns have different wrapping qualities, but I can confirm that this one is amazing! The weave is fairly textured and the wrap has a fair amount of diagonal stretch. The jade colour is really pretty and the weave is absolutely flawless. I could easily carry Joey in this for a while as it supports his weight brilliantly. I've never really tried a rebozo carry before, but have to admit I'm finding it slightly more comfortable than a ring sling, although the slip knot doesn't adjust as easily as rings.
I'm so pleased with this little wrap! Its totally unique, and feels so different to all my other wraps. I can see us getting a lot of use out of it!

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