Friday, 2 August 2013

Review: Didymos North Sea Beach

Brand: Didymos
Type: North Sea Beach
Blend: 100% organic cotton
Size: 2 converted into a gathered shoulder ring sling by my Mum and I.

This pretty wrap appealed to me as soon as I saw it, and when I read that it was a slightly thicker wrap at 260gr/msq, and should be toddler-worthy, I felt I wanted to try it out. It is woven using four different colours, which is very unusual and results in a really pretty wrap. I'm not often drawn to picture wraps these days, but there was something about this one that really appealed to me.
When it arrived I was pleasantly surprised to find that despite being a thicker wrap, it is already soft and cushy, and doesn't particularly need any breaking in. The wrap has been very cleverly designed, with the detail placed in the top half of the wrap, meaning that then you use the bottom half of the wrap to create a seat for your child, the design is still clearly visible. Interestingly, the different sections of the wrap appear to have different textures, which I'm assuming is a result of the way the four colours have been woven together. The botton half of the wrap (representing the sand on the beach) which involves the fewest colours, is a much softer and slightly looser weave compared to the top (the sky) which is a slightly tighter, smoother weave.  I love the fact that the bottom half is very mouldable, as it creates a great seat for my son, and it moulds around him amazingly well, and yet the whole wrap is thick and cushy enough to support his weight, even in a one-shouldered ring sling. This wrap really does have lovely wrap qualities and is such an innovative design. It appears to showcase the experience that Didymos has in weaving wraps, but also demonstrates that they are not afraid to try something new.

My Mum and I worked together to convert this wrap into a ring sling. I seem to be using ring slings more and more with Joey as he likes to walk a lot, and just needs to be carried short distances when he gets tired, or when we're in a rush. It was actually very simple, and has turned out beautifully and feels very comfortable!

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