Monday, 19 August 2013

Review: Barbara's Weave and Wear Handwoven

Brand: Barbara's Weave and Wear
Type: Handwoven in a twill weave
Blend: 100% cotton
Size: 2 metre ring sling piece, converted by me.

I was lucky to buy this beautiful handwoven ring sling piece through etsy, from the very talented Barbara's Weave and Wear in the USA. Having already heard good things about them, I couldn't wait to try one out for myself.
As soon as it arrived, I was thrilled to find that it was already beautifully soft, and I set to work converting it into a ring sling (with my Mum's help). It is a slightly thicker wrap, but being so beautifully soft, it is very cushy and soft, and works perfectly as a ring sling.  It has a slight stretch, making it quite mouldable, but it is also very supportive, even with my heavy son in a one-shouldered, one-layered carry.
The wrap is beautifully woven - it is absolutely perfect. The colours are gorgeous, and I love the fact that the weft is done using a pink and green variegated cotton giving a real depth and detail to the design.
I am really impressed with this ring sling, and I used it a lot over the weekend whilst camping.  It is slightly thicker than my Uppymama (also handwoven), but its just as soft and supportive. I would highly recommend Barbara's Weave and Wear to anyone keen to try a handwoven wrap, although I would say that this particular one would only be for those who like slightly thicker wraps (like me!). Keep an eye on Barbara's etsy shop, as she occasionally adds wraps for sale, and even with customs fees, they are priced very reasonably for such a good quality handwoven wrap.

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