Monday, 12 August 2013

Torso Carry

I had a little go at a torso carry this evening. I've never really seen the advantage of a torso carry before, but with the prospect of pitching a tent at the same time as looking after Joey this coming weekend, I thought it would be handy to have him attached to me, whilst having my arms completely free. 
I started the carry in the same way as a ruck, creating a really good deep seat, and then brought the wrap around me under my arms, keeping it as high as possible on Joey's back. I pulled the top rail particularly tight to keep him secure, and then did a lexi-twist in the front, and took the tails around under Joey's bottom, and then back around and tied at my waist (I can do a quick photo tutorial if this isn't clear enough - just let me know!). I spread the fabric over my chest as much as possible, and it was actually pretty comfortable! I wouldn't keep him like this for too long, but it would definitely allow me to pitch a tent without having to worry about Joey running off! 
The wrap I used is Artipoppe Two Birds Akka in a size 5. If you're using a shorter wrap, you could tie under your child's bottom. 

I thought I'd also share one of my favourite pictures of traditional torso carries in action, which has been shared on Facebook recently. It's such a beautiful photograph, demonstrating how babywearing allows people all over the world to carry on their day-to-day lives whilst also keeping their babies and children close.

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