Sunday, 29 September 2013

Review: Bebe Sachi Khadi Twilight

Brand: Bebe Sachi
Type: Khadi Twilight
Blend: 100% cotton (handspun cotton)
Size: 4

Having been lucky enough to own a beautiful Khadi ring sling since last July, I am delighted that I have been given the opportunity to own an amazing Khadi Twilight wrap. This stunning wrap is handwoven in Bangladesh using handspun cotton, with Bebe Sachi offering highly skilled handweavers the opportunity to earn a decent wage, and support their families, whilst remaining in their village homes. Bebe Sachi is a company I have had deep respect for since I learned more about them at the Babywearing Conference last July, and I am delighted to be working on a small project with them at the moment (hence my good fortune in owning Twilight).
Khadi wraps are unique. Twilight is quite textured, with an irregular finish (due to the handspun cotton), and has just the perfect amount of stretch. It is thick, but so soft that it wraps easily, and pulls perfectly into place without effort. The thickness offers an amazing amount of cush, and I can honestly say that this is the most comfortable wrap that I have ever tried. I am not generally a fan of the 'ruck' carry, as I always find it pulls on my shoulders, but Twilight is amazingly comfortable even in a simple ruck.
Twilight's colours are really classy, and easy to wear, and I love the white top rail making it easy to identify which rail is which when wrapping with it. Its definitely a wrap for all occasions!
Twilight has become an instant favourite. I have honestly never tried another wrap like it! It is a wrap full of character, and due to the nature of the handspun cotton, each one is unique. It is so special that I will treasure this wrap until the end of my babywearing days, and then hope to keep it for future generations to be wrapped in.

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