Monday, 2 September 2013

Review: Firespiral Silver Twilight Gossamer

Brand: Firespiral
Type: Silver Twilight Gossamer
Blend: 50% cotton, 50% linen
Size: 7

The last of my Firespiral preorder wraps arrived late last week, and it is just as beautiful as my other Firespiral wraps. The pattern is really striking, and looks particularly pretty when wrapped. The linen has a lovely shine to it, and the wrap has a lovely texture to it.  My Gossamer has a different type of linen compared to the majority of the Gossamer wraps (due to a small error during the cutting process) and to me, that makes my wrap even more special. As with my other Firespirals, Gossamer wraps like a dream, and is so mouldable and supportive. There is a lot of lovely texture to the spiderweb pattern, but it still manages to glide into place perfectly. Gossamer feels like a slightly thicker wrap compared to my Starmap and Seafoam, although I wouldn't describe it as an overly thick wrap. It has the perfect amount of cush, and is very comfortable to wear.
I am so impressed with my Firespiral wraps, and am already looking forward to seeing what Firespiral has in store for us next! Their designs are innovative, unique, clever and always look amazing when wrapped.  The wraps are soft and mouldable enough to carry a newborn baby, but are supportive and cushy enough to hold my large toddler perfectly aswell. Well done to Firespiral for their first, very successful, preorder!

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