Monday, 9 September 2013

Review: Oscha Starry Night Marina

Brand: Oscha
Stype: Starry Night Marina
Blend: 46% lambswool, 52% cotton
Size: 2
I was very, very lucky to catch one of these beautiful Starry Night wraps from Oscha's boutique range last week. There are only 15 of these wraps, so I count myself very lucky to have one!
Once again Oscha have produced a Starry Night wrap in a different blend, and once again it brings many different wrapping qualities. When I first opened it, I was thrilled to see the stunning colour is very different to my other Starry Night wraps. The wrap itself feels slightly thicker in hand compared to other Starry Nights, and is totally different to SN Maya (another woolly Starry Night). Before washing, it has that slight 'itchy' feeling that you often get with lambswool, but after a careful wash, cool iron and a bit of use, it is already loosing the 'itch'! It arrived beautiful soft, and amazingly cushy. It isn't as thick as Strato Aequus, which also contains lambswool, but it definitely has a similar feel. I don't often carry using a Ruck, and very rarely with a size 2, as I find it pulls too much on my shoulders, but this wrap honestly had enough cush to keep a basic Ruck comfortable for a while.
I am totally impressed with this wrap, and look forward to the cooler weather so that we can get more use out of it!

I have been asked about a variety of colour comparisons between Marina and other wraps, so I've included those pictures here.

From top: SN Marina, SN Maya, SN Shona, Nouveau Tiree

SN Marina and Nouveau Tiree

SN Marina (left) and SN Shona


  1. It's beautiful, you are so lucky to have one! Do you know the exact release date, please?

    1. Thank you! I count myself very lucky to have one! I've just checked my order confirmation, and it was released on 5th September 2013 :)

  2. How gorgeous! You mentioned Oscha Strato Aequus, but I don't see a review up for that particular wrap on your blog. Any thoughts on how it wraps?

    1. Strato Aequus is a lovely wrap. Its slightly thicker and very cushy. Its starts off feeling a bit 'itchy' from the wool, but softens over time. I know a lot of people love Strato Aequus as a winter wrap :)