Sunday, 15 September 2013

Review: Girasol Gothic Rainbow

Brand: Girasol
Type: Gothic Rainbow
Blend: 100% cotton in twill weave
Size: Ring sling.

I have tried a few Girasol wraps during my babywearing journey, and I used them a lot when Joey was younger (and smaller!). As he has grown, my Girasol wraps seem to have all gradually moved on to other people as I have looked for thicker, slightly more supportive blends to support my son's ever increasing weight and height.
However, when I saw this Gothic rainbow ring sling available last week, I couldn't resist trying a Girasol again. I use ring slings regularly these days, as Joey likes to walk quite a lot, and ring slings are great for quick ups and downs. Gothic Rainbow has a black weft, which I feel adds such a depth to the colours in this wrap. It is such a beautiful, striking rainbow.
I was slightly nervous about how comfortable this ring sling would be, as Girasol wraps are generally slightly thinner than some of my current favourite wraps, but I have so far been very pleasantly surprised. Joey is now 21 months old, and is extremely tall at the average size of a 34 month old, so whilst I wouldn't carry Joey in this ring sling for a considerable length of time, it is very comfortable for carrying him for shorter times. 
Girasol produce wraps in a twill weave (like this one), and also a diamond weave. I've had a lot of Girasol's diamond weave wraps in the past, and found them really soft and mouldable, but in my opinion this twill weave seems slightly more supportive compared to the diamond weaves I have tried in the past (I'd love to hear other people's opinions on this!). Girasol wraps are perfect for a beginner babywearer, as they are beautifully soft and mouldable, and wrap so easily. This one pulls beautifully through the rings on my ring sling, and is very easy to adjust and get comfortable. However, they are also stunning wraps, which are beautifully made, and are very affordable, making them perfect for every babywearer. Everyone needs a Girasol wrap in their collection, and I'm delighted with Gothic Rainbow to have finally found 'the one' for me!

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