Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Babywearing in Children's books......again.....

You may recall that back in May I shared a few of my favourite children's book that featured babywearing. Some books are based around the subject of babywearing, whereas others just happen to have a sling-wearing character or even just a babywearer in the background.

I thought it was time to share a few of my recent finds!

The Wheels on the Bus
by Penny Dann
A lovely little board book illustrating the well-know 'Wheels on the Bus' song, featuring a lady wearing a baby in a sling on many of the pages. The pictures are fun and really charming. We were lucky to find this one for 50p in a charity shop! 

'Ting Finds a Bell' 
from the 'Alice's Bear Shop' series.
By Rikey Austin
A lovely story book for young children, all about the adventures of a teddy bear called 'Ting'. I've met the author several times, and bought this one from her last weekend, and was lucky to get it signed for Joey by Rikey herself. The babywearer appears on the first page and isn't actually part of the story, but it is a lovely illustration.

'Baby Carriers and Slings: A Child's Colouring Book'.
by Delia M. Hubbard
This one is a bit different! Its a wonderful colouring book full of line drawings and babywearing-themed activities, with many of the drawings being labelled with a description of what sling is being used in the picture. Definitely a book to encourage the next generation of babywearers!

'Baby Animals'
Produced by Sainsbury's
This one shouldn't really be included, but I couldn't resist! It is a little lift-the-flap board book, and one of the pages features a joey, who apparently likes to rest inside his Mummy's pouch, all safe and cosy, just like my own little Joey!

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