Thursday, 24 October 2013

Woolly wraps!

As the weather is getting colder, and the evenings are drawing in here in the UK, I thought I'd write a little bit about woolly wraps, and do a little comparison.
A lot of people are a bit nervous of woolly wraps, as there is the potential to 'felt' your wrap (meaning the fibres end up matted together) if washed incorrectly, meaning your wrap becomes unsafe to use.  However, I've had a few woolly wraps, and as long as you follow the washing instructions carefully, you can't go wrong!
Woolly wraps have many benefits, the best one being the added comfort and cush provided by the wool. They are often warmer than other blends, and can start out being quite itchy, but I would highly recommend trying at least one woolly wrap this winter! 

Oscha Strato Aequus
Very cushy, lambswool blend wrap. Very comfortable wrap. Starts out quite itchy, but many people seem to find that the itchiness disappears with use. Pictured here in the snow last year - it was very cosy!

Oscha Starry Night Marina
A recent release. Quite similar to Strato Aequus, but slightly thinner. Still a lovely cushy wrap. Also begins with a slight itchy feeling, but that is already disappearing. Very comfortable in a ruck or rebozo hip carry due to the lovely cushy feel of the wool.

Oscha Starry Night Maya and Nouveau Bramble
Thinner wool blend wraps, which don't feel like wool at all. Don't particularly offer extra warmth, so are actually suitable all year round. Absolutely no itchy feeling, better in a multi-layer carry with bigger children as they are fairly thin.

Artipoppe Two Birds Akka
A beautiful quality merino wool blend. Very smooth and beautifully cushy. One of the most comfortable and mouldable wraps I've ever tired! No itchy feeling at all. I actually wore this on cooler days during the summer, and we didn't get over-heated. A snuggley, blankety soft wrap.

Natibaby Graphite Elves
A lovely smooth cushy merino wool blend. Has no itch at all, and doesn't actually feel like wool, except for the lovely blankety softness and cush.  Glides into place when wrapping.

Didymos Reindeer
Lovely soft alpaca blend wrap. Started a little bit itchy, but soon became smoother. Pictured here last Christmas. Easy to wrap with and nicely supportive.

Oscha Braid Mallo
A heavy-weight tri-blend. Very supportive and thick, requiring a bit of breaking in. Amazingly supportive and cosy. Pictured here last winter.

There are so many beautiful wool blend wraps available from many of the different wrap companies, plus more being released all the time as we approach winter in many parts of the world. These are just a few that I've tried, and although not all of them still live here, they were all lovely wraps to use.

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