Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Review: Oscha Japanese Knot Ooki Juliet

Brand: Oscha
Type: Japanese Knot Ooki Juliet (JKOJ)
Blend: 100% cotton
Size: 5

I really love Oscha's 'Juliet' colour, and its a colour I wear a lot, so I couldn't resist trying these beautiful large Juliet knots when they became available from Oscha recently. 
I was delighted with the colour when they arrived, as I feel it really suits the pattern. The ecru cotton, combined with the plum colour, makes the paler section of the design look like a soft lilac colour from a distance. The wrap arrived already feeling soft, and after a wash and steam iron, it was beautifully soft and mouldable. JKOJ feels slightly thinner than some of Oscha's other recent wraps (although I would say it is still a medium-weight wrap), and due to it being cotton rather than combed cotton, it appears to have slightly less cush. However, the wrap is particularly easy to wrap with, and just glides into place, and being so soft makes it perfect from newborn onwards. It is also very supportive and holds my toddler's weight well. This wrap is really beautiful, and such a delight to wrap with!

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