Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Review: Monkey Mei Tai Wrap Conversion of Kokadi Gluckstuch

Brand: Kokadi
Type: Gluckstuch
Blend: 50% hemp, 50% cotton

Brand: Monkey Mei Tai
Size: Large preschool size
Features: Infinity straps, tie waist.

I am very fortunate to already own two beautiful Monkey Mei Tai wrap conversions which were made especially for me, but when I saw Helen from Monkey Mei Tai was selling a beautiful conversion from her own personal collection recently, I couldn't resist. Not only is it beautiful, but it actually met all the features I had been looking for in a carrier.
I recently started Sling n Swing classes, and have been using my Okinami wrap conversion, which is amazingly comfortable, and perfect for when Joey always falls asleep during the class. However I found that the wrap straps (which I love in normal circumstances), weren't suited to some of the dance moves. The Gluckstuch conversion has Infinity straps, which are padded at the shoulder and flare out to wrap straps, meaning I am free to lift and move my arms, but can still spread the straps over Joey to help support his weight. The size of the panel is very large, and as Joey is getting very tall, its perfect for holding him in place whilst dancing, and is tall enough to support his head when asleep even without a hood. The large size should last us for many years to come.
The carrier is beautifully made, and is absolutely perfect. It is incredibly comfortable in both front and back carries, and I am really impressed with the infinity straps. Helen has used the Gluckstuch pattern perfectly, showing her usual artistic flair. It is such a soft, cosy carrier, and Joey obviously finds it comfortable, as he seems to fall asleep in it every time we use it!

Pics of the conversion in action during a dance class. These two photographs are joint copyright of Sling n Swing and photographer Nick Ashton. More detail about Sling n Swing here.

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