Sunday, 13 October 2013

Review: Oscha Roses Hera

Brand: Oscha
Type: Roses Hera
Blend: 100% combed cotton
Size: 6

I have loved Oscha's Roses Noel wrap since the first time I saw it, as it is a beautiful and striking green and red combination. I've never been able to buy one, as they now sell for a lot of money, so I was delighted when I saw Oscha had produced a similar wrap. Roses Hera is a 100% combed cotton wrap in red and pale green/grey. The green cotton can look different in different light conditions, and sometimes looks like a moss green colour, and other times looks a silvery grey. It is a more subtle version of Roses Noel, and although I still adore the original, Roses Hera is a lovely, more affordable, alternative.
The combed cotton gives Hera a wonderful luxurious feel, and it arrived feeling lovely and soft, and hasn't required a lot of breaking in. I'm finding Hera very easy to wrap with, and although the roses pattern is fairly textured, Hera appears to glide into place a lot easier than some of the other Oscha roses I've tried. It is a beautifully supportive wrap, and it offers a lovely cush on the shoulders, making it very comfortable even with my large toddler.
I'm delighted with Hera, and despite my wrap being a second grade, I can't find any flaws on it! The red colour is the same as used in the Eros and Aphrodite wraps, and it is remarkable what a difference the green/grey colour makes to the overall appearance of these roses. I find this wrap really comfortable and classy, and can't wait to wear it at Christmas time (although we'll be wearing it during the rest of the year aswell!).

Roses Hera (top) and Roses Aphrodite (bottom) showing how Hera can look quite green in some lights.

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