Sunday, 13 October 2013

Review: Bebe Sachi Zen

Brand: Bebe Sachi
Type: Zen
Blend: 100% cotton
Size: 6

As you may recall, I was very lucky recently to win a little competition on Bebe Sachi's Facebook page, and my beautiful prize arrived a couple of weeks ago. The first thing to strike me about Zen is how amazing the colour is and how it appears to shimmer in different lights. It is so soft and mouldable straight out of the matching bag, and the diamond weave patten works perfectly with this combination of red and gold. It is a medium weight wrap, and is supportive and slightly cushy.
I've tried this wrap with both my 3 month old niece and 22 month old son, and it was very comfortable with both. It is so easy to wrap with, as it just glides into place, and it would be a perfect first wrap for someone new to wrapping, as well as lovely for more experienced wrappers. I found it more comfortable in a multi-pass carry with my toddler, but it would be very comfortable in a single pass carry with a smaller baby. Zen slightly reminds me of the feel of a Girasol wrap, but I found it a lot more supportive and sturdier than a diamond weave Girasol. Its a really special wrap, and as it was a prize, it will always feel very special to me.
Bebe Sachi is a Malaysian based social enterprise which produces hand loomed woven wraps in Bangladesh that help to support the local economy and works with local artisans to produce beautiful wraps. Zen is part of Bebe Sachi's jacquard woven range, which are quite different to the Khadi wraps which Bebe Sachi is also well known for. 

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