Thursday, 10 October 2013

Review (update): Pavo Textiles Etini Magnolia Ring Sling

I recently reviewed a size 7 Pavo Textiles Etini Magnolia here on my blog. Its an absolutely beautiful wrap, with amazingly supportive wrapping qualities.
I made a decision that I didn't think I would get a lot of use out of a size 7, as the tails are always going to drag on the floor, and I wouldn't want such a pale, pretty wrap to get dirty! As I'm using ring slings a lot with Joey at the moment, I decided to chop the size 7 into a short wrap and a ring sling piece. The short wrap has gone to live with a lovely mama in France, and I have converted the ring sling piece myself into a ring sling with a pleated shoulder. The great thing about a ring sling is that once you have it threaded and set-up, it takes less than a minute to get Joey in and adjusted (and speed is essential with an active 22 month old!), and it doesn't have to touch the floor at all, meaning there is less chance of it getting too dirty, especially with winter on the way.
I really love Etini as a ring sling. It is beautifully supportive in a single layer, one-shouldered carry, and it pulls through the rings well, although I bet it will get easier to pull through as the wrap continues to soften with use. It would make the perfect ring sling to wear to a wedding, as it so elegant, and yet it is too comfortable to save for a special occasion. I love it, and am really pleased I decided to make it into a ring sling.

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