Monday, 6 May 2013

Review: Firespiral Gossamer Tester

Brand: Firespiral
Type: Gossamer Tester
Blend: 50% linen, 50% cotton
Size: 6

I was lucky enough to try this tester wrap from the new UK wrap company Firespiral at the last Stroud Sling Meet.  What immediately struck me was how soft the wrap was.  This may be because it is already broken in after being tested.  I have one of these wraps on preorder, and the tester shows how amazing my wrap will be when broken in - I can't wait!
It was really easy to wrap with, and I got a good, comfortable double hammock on the first try (which is quite rare for me!).  The design is really striking, with the linen having a slight shimmer which really captures the beauty of spiderwebs when shimmering in the sun or frost.  I particularly like the scale of the pattern, as it still shows really beautifully even when wrapped.
I cannot sing the praises of this wrap enough, and it has clearly been designed by experienced babywearers, who know what properties make a wrap go from being a 'good' wrap, to a 'great' wrap.
Now I just have to wait for my preorder wraps to be ready, so that I can get my hands on Gossamer again!

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