Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Review: Oscha Eden Caprica

Brand: Oscha
Type: Eden Caprica
Blend: 50% linen, 50% cotton
Size: 5
This beautiful wrap arrived this morning, so this review is based on my first impressions.  I have a real soft spot for red Oscha wraps, so was thrilled to be able to buy this wrap when it came up for sale last week.  Eden Capica is another one of Oscha's thicker wraps, and with a blend of 50% linen, it has the potential to be quite beastly.  However, this wrap has obviously been well loved, and has arrived lovely and soft.  I really love the tone of red on Caprica, which is a beautiful pillar-box red.  I also particularly love the thickness of this wrap, as it is so supportive meaning that my son felt weightless in a double hammock carry.  The wrap is fairly easy to pull into place, and holds its passes brilliantly.  I feel that Oscha's Eden pattern is really under-rated, as it doesn't seem quite as popular as some of Oscha's other patterns, and yet my three Eden wraps (Copper Beech, Blue Ice and now Caprica), are three of my most comfortable wraps to use.  They are all so elegant, and the Eden pattern appears to have a tiny little bit of stretch to it, which makes them mould perfectly around my son and yet still remain supportive.
Again, I wouldn't necessarily recommend a thicker wrap like to this an absolute beginner, but once broken in, I think even less experienced wrappers would be able to get a comfortable carry with Eden Caprica.
I really love this wrap, and am sure it will see us through to the end of our babywearing days.


Eden Caprica, Nouveau Ember and Roses Aphrodite.

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