Sunday, 19 May 2013

Review: Oscha Alto Bluebell

Brand: Oscha
Type: Alto Bluebell
Blend: 40% linen, 60% cotton
Size: 6

 Alto Bluebell will always hold sentimental value to me, as my parents gave it to me for Christmas last year.  However, I have been waiting for the warmer weather to put it to full use, as it is the perfect summer wrap.  Alto Bluebell has a slightly thinner feel to it, but it is still very supportive, even for a toddler, and holds solidly when wrapped.  I tried it today for a hill walk, and although today is a warm, slightly muggy day, I didn't get over hot, and neither did my son.
The Alto pattern offers plenty of glide, so it is very easy to wrap with, although I would recommend wrapping quite carefully to make sure your wrap isn't going to slip out of place when wrapped, as Alto Bluebell has a slight sheen to it.  Although not yet completely broken it, it is beautifully soft and mouldable already, and would wrap a child of any age.  The pretty blue colour is ideal for the Alto pattern, as it guarantees blue skies even on the gloomiest of days.


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