Monday, 6 May 2013


Welcome to my new blog, which aims to share my love of babywearing.  
I have worn my son in a sling since he was a newborn, and as he has grown, my love for wearing him using a sling has also grown.  We have tried many different types of slings and wraps, and the purpose of this blog is to provide reviews for some of the slings (mainly woven wraps) that we use.
Joey is now 17 months old, and is still worn several times a day, despite the fact that he also loves to walk.  In fact, I have found slings far more convenient now that he is mobile, as I can fold up a sling or wrap in my bag, and use it to carry him when he gets tired (a lot easier than carting around an empty pushchair 'just in case').
I will start this blog with a few babywearing basics, and then share a couple of reviews to get us started.

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