Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Review: Natibaby Calypte Plum

Brand: Natibaby
Type: Calypte Plum
Blend: 50% Cotton, 50% Viscose bamboo

I don't have many Natibaby wraps in my collection, but when I saw the pictures of this one, I couldn't resist trying it for myself.  The tricolour weaving technique is quite unusual, and the combination of colours used is really striking.  The 'right' side is a plum purple colour, with the design woven in a peach and a green colour.  The 'wrong' side is made up of the peach and green colour, which when woven together give a golden appearance.
This wrap seems to combine the correct amount of slip and grip, and doesn't appear too shiny (unlike my reservations with Natibaby Spiderweb Dew, reviewed earlier in my blog).  It is soft immediately after its first wash, and wraps effortlessly.  One of the fun things about this wrap is finding different carries which show off both sides of the wrap, as the colours are really striking together (I have used a Kangaroo carry in these pictures, with the shoulders flipped, and the passes spread).
This is another lovely wrap from Natibaby, with just the right blend of fibres to maintain the lovely quality feel of cotton, with the added softness of viscose bamboo.  It supports my son's weight well, and would also wrap beautifully around a small baby due to its softness.

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