Sunday, 12 May 2013

Review: Oscha Japanese Knot Chisai Fern

Brand: Oscha
Type: Japanese Knot Chisai Fern (JKCF)
Blend: 50% cotton, 50% combed cotton
Size: 6
Having bought this wrap in the recent Oscha release, I was pleasantly surprised when it arrived.  It looked really pretty in the Oscha pictures, but is even more gorgeous in real life, and appears to be a wrap which is almost impossible to photograph to show its true colours and beauty.  Combining a deep minty green colour and a beautiful blush pink in such an intricate pattern creates interesting effects when seen in different lights and from different distances.  It goes from a shimmering pink and turquoise in sunlight, to a pastel lilac-grey in dull light and from a distance.  It is definitely a wrap that needs to be seen in real life to see how beautiful the colours really are.
Appearance aside, this wrap also felt really soft and luxurious straight out of the bag.  I have fallen in love with Oscha's combed cotton from previous releases (particularly JKC Satori), as it adds a thickness and cush to a 100% cotton wrap.  Fern is incredibly easy to wrap with and is so comfortable, even with my toddler, showing that you can definitely use a 100% cotton wrap with an older child.  After a wash and steam iron, it feels even more cushy, incredibly comfortable on my shoulders, and snug around my son.
As I type, this wrap is still available on Oscha's website, which doesn't happen very often.  If you have been wanting to try an Oscha wrap, I would not only highly recommend this one for its wrap qualities, luxurious feel and ease of use straight out of the bag, but also for it's pretty, delicate colours and pattern.  


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